PDF books information

The PDF downloadwill be available to you within three working days of receiving your order. An email will be sent to you which will include the details of how and where to download yourPDFfile(s).

You will have one month to download your files(s).

Your purchase allows you to transfer your PDF files to your computer, tablet, smartphone, CDs and other media for personal use, storage and backup.

The PDFs may be printed on A4 paper, either double or single sided. The latest versions of Adobe Reader (for PCs and Macs) will allow you to print your PDF file in a variety of ways, e.g. as a booklet.

Your agreement with CentreBooks is that all PDF files are for personal use only and not for further distribution.

Loading the PDF files onto your tablet e.g. iPad

  • email the PDF file to yourself on your iPad,
  • open the PDF attached to the received email,
  • choose 'read in iBooks' from the options top right (in the 'arrow in the box' icon) and this will open and save the file in iBooks,
  • for other times when you open your iPad, the PDF will now be found in iBooks.

If you have any questionsor disputesplease contact us on ourContact Uspage.

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