Kindle book Information

General Kindle book information

Your Kindle book will be available to you within three working days of receiving your order.

An email will be sent to you which will include the details of how and where to download your Kindle book(s).

You will have one month to download your book(s).

Your purchase allows you to transfer your Kindle books to your computer, tablet, CDs and other media for personal use, storage and backup.

Your agreement with CentreBooks is that all Kindle books are for personal use only and not for further distribution.


STEP 1 - download your Kindle book

  • all your digital purchases eg your Kindle book, will be sent to you using an 'YouSentIt' email
  • when you receive the 'YouSendIt' email from CentreBooks, click the 'Download File' button

  • the link will automatically take you to a website using your browser
  • simply click 'Download'

  • STEP 2 - loading your 'Kindle book' onto your 'Kindle'
    • OPTION 1 - Email your Kindle book to your Kindle email address
    • this is probably the easiest method
    • find your 'Send-to-Kindle E-mail address'
      • if your don't already know this address here is how to find it
      • firstly log onto your amazon account and go to 'Manage My Kindle' - see the diagram below

      • On the left column click onto 'Manage Your Devices' and your email addresses for all your devices will appear - see the diagram below (note that in this screen shot the addresses have been partially smudged)

    • now email your Kindle book to this email address
    • it should, in a short time, appear in your device already to read!
    • note: if you have an iPad you may use this method to email it to your iPad app, however, there is another way shown at the bottom

    • OPTION 2 - Directly transfer your Kindle book from your Computer to your Kindle
    • plug in your Kindle to your computer
    • open your file manager andfind your downloaded Kindle book on your computer eg in your 'Downloads'
    • then click onto the bar indicated by the arrow anddrag the bar downso your can see your Kindle - your will still be able to see your Kindle book - see the diagram below

    • A: Copy and Paste Alternative
      • Right click onto your Kindle book and click 'Copy', then
      • Right click onto the 'documents' folder and click 'Paste'
    • B: Drag and Drop Alternative
      • Firstly click and while holding down drag the book and drop it onto 'documents' as shown.

    • Almost there
      • now you can read your new e-book on your Kindle in the usual way
      • however, the last step you must do is to 'eject' your Kindle from your computer. Firstly, in your file manager, right click your Kindle. Then secondly, click 'Eject'. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT in avoiding any problems.


  • this is for reading all your Kindle books on your iPad - it is a free app in your iTunes store
  • email theKindle book to yourself on your iPad,(e.g. via your '' or '' email address)
  • open the email on your iPad
  • press the attachment and a pop up notice will say 'Open in Kindle' - choose this
  • the book will open in Kindle on your iPad
  • for other times when you open your iPad, thee-book will now be found in your Kindle app

If you have any questionsor disputesplease contact us on ourContact Uspage.

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