Digital Books: ePub, iBook, Kindle and PDF

The 'ePub', 'iBook, 'Kindle' and 'PDF' formats are all digital versions of a book and the main differences are that:

  • an 'ePub' can be read on any tablete.g. Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus…
  • an 'iBook' can ONLY be read on an Apple iPad
  • a 'Kindle' can ONLY be read on a Amazon Kindle reader
    OR the Kindle App in a tablet eg iPad
  • a 'PDF' document can be read on a tablet but primary produced by CentreBooks for customers with no tablet or reader and wishes to read the book on their computer

So if you have a tablet that is NOT an iPad, buy the ePub.

If you have an iPad you can buy either the ePub or iBook;both will work.

The advantage of the iBook is that it has the possibility of some extra features over an ePube.g.images, format … Generally, the iBook version is the better publication.

CentreBooks publish iBooks that are primarily meant to be read in landscape mode and therefore has a fixed format of text and images. It reads like an open book in front of you. If you read an iBook in portrait it becomes more like an ePub where you can alter the size of the font.

An ePub can be read in either portrait or landscape mode and has the advantage of be able to make the text smaller or larger or even with a different font.

A Kindle book can also have the text size and type changed.

The PDF format is for those who want to read the book on their computer.

If for any reason you purchase a digital book and discover that you have the wrong type, CentreBooks will replace it with the correct one. Please contact us via email to discuss your issue.

If you have any questionsor disputesplease contact us on ourContact Uspage.

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