I AM Every Day Perpetual Calendar

I AM Every Day - a Perpetual Calendar
A spiritual thought for each day of the year

Be reminded of your spiritual beingness with these words which offer inspiration, encouragement, illumination and instruction. They are words to contemplate and be challenged by; words which offer a way to come to know what it is to be a spiritual being in today’s world.

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I AM every day calendar
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I AM Every Day Calendar

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Rev Mario Schoenmaker had the gift of presenting great spiritual truths in simple but profound words. These daily thoughts are selected from the many inspiring and challenging words in his study series Deliberations on St Mark. He called Mark ‘the gospel of the I AM’ because it reveals how we can experience the I AM in our daily lives – every day.

The I AM is the Christ in you. It is the real self, the truth of our being, and it is working in every human being. Just as the historical Christ portrayed our potential to be fully human and fully divine, to be purposeful, free and without fear, we see many individuals in this world working to express their divine nature fully and freely.

Year after year, these sayings will assist you to stay conscious of the I AM every day. Hold each day’s saying in your consciousness. Allow it to enter into you, even though at times it may be surprising or uncomfortable. Contemplate it. See where it leads and what unfolds. Express its truth in your life, and the path of the I AM will open to you.

Devotional, Inspirational.

Calendar Details
Author: Rev Mario Schoenmaker
Compiler: Rev Heather Gilmour
Editors: Rev Antoinette Schoenmaker and Rev Louise Flynn
Published by ICA Press, September 2011

Self-standing wire-bound calendar
* Overall in package: 15.5 cm x 13.5 cm
* Pages: 5.2 cm x 13.5 cm
366 calendar pages (includes provision for leap years)
Printed double-sided on white 100 gsm paper

Annual subscription to receive a daily email
Same look and sayings as the wire-wound calendar

Read and think aboutyour daily spiritual thought while you travel.While enjoying a coffee in a cafe.At work. Enjoying a walk.Wherever you are. …
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