You and The Spiritual Hierarchies

You and The Spiritual Hierarchies
Empowering the journey.
Sustaining the connection with your spiritual self.

Awaken, engage and grow the presence of your spiritual self.

Our world is upheld by spiritual beings whose presence and working is vital to its continuance. When we understand our place in this hierarchy of spirit we can see how these spiritual companions sustain us, and also what we can offer them.

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You and The Spiritual Hierarchies explores:

  • The nine members of the hierarchy from angels to seraphim
  • Evolution and the hierarchy
  • Our relationship with the hierarchy
  • Oppositional spiritual beings
  • Archangel Michael
  • Developing relationship with the angels
  • Human being as the tenth member of the hierarchy

You and The Spiritual Hierarchies provides:

  • Concepts and teachings from ancient and modern initiates regarding the spiritual hierarchy
  • Ideas regarding developing our relationship with this hierarchy of spiritual beings

You and The Spiritual Hierarchies involves:

  • Studying seven sessions, each session taking about two hours each
  • Reading, contemplation and some writing

The Course comes withthe eight sessions, resources and assignments incorporated together in a single, A4, loose leaf, 4-ring, white, plastic binder.

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