Metaphysics in Action

Metaphysics in Action
Where the journey begins.
Where you come to know yourself as a spiritual being.

Explore, reveal and clarify your personal values and life goals.

Coming to know ourselves as spiritual beings is the basis for a true understanding of who we are. We discover ways to change our thinking, our feeling and our actions so that our everyday life becomes a real expression of our inner being.

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Learning at Home course:$375.00
All prices are in Australian dollars

All Learning at Home courses are free ofshipping and handlingcosts

Metaphysics in Action explores:

  • The spirit of being and attuning to universal laws
  • Accessing higher spiritual truth and inner wisdom
  • Your purpose and individual soul blueprint
  • Self direction and self responsibility
  • Symbolism – a mirror of inner being and outer expression
  • Nurturing newness and freedom of consciousness
  • Creative strategies which reveal spirit at work in your life

Metaphysics in Action gives tools to:

  • Create and strengthen a working relationship with spirit
  • Identify internal and external limitations and obstacles
  • Deal creatively with problems and decision-making
  • Increase awareness, motivation, energy and vitality
  • Realise a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Create an effective and measurable action plan to achieve goals
  • Practise daily transformative principles shaping a new consciousness

Metaphysics in Action involves:

  • Learning at Home - either with or without a tutor
  • If you choose to have a tutor you communicate with email
  • Studying eight sessions, each session taking about two hours each
  • Reading, writing, journal work and goal-setting

The Course comes with a set of three A4 wire bound books:
Course Notes on the eight sessions, a
Resource Book for further reading, and an
Assignment Book, to use at the end of each session.

There is also a:
Journal to use throughout the sessions, and an
Audio CD with four tracks (Introduction, Exercises and Conclusion)

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