Metaphysics in Communication

Metaphysics in Communication
The journey begins within.
The practice of being in communication with spirit.

Attune, perceive and express the essence of your true self.

Relationships with other people are crucial in shaping our lives, since fulfilling relationships assist us to become mature human beings. Using metaphysical principles we can learn to create and sustain such relationships in every area of life.

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Learning at Home course:$375.00
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Metaphysics in Communication explores:

  • The spiritual nature of communication
  • Communication as a revelation of your being
  • The central role of communication in relationships
  • Being in communication with the real self
  • Expressing the content of your soul
  • Developing conscious ways of relating
  • Harnessing the power of speech and the word
  • Honouring the individual and sustaining relationships

Metaphysics in Communication gives tools to:

  • Enable 'being' as the starting point of communication
  • Identify and clarify personal communication goals
  • Become conscious of communicating with your whole being
  • Improve your awareness of habitual patterns and limiting behaviours towards self and others
  • Consider and improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Recognise and practice communicating with the real self
  • Deepen ability to give and receive love out of the higher self

Metaphysics in Communication involves:

  • Learning at Home - either with or without a tutor
  • If you choose to have a tutor you communicate with email
  • Studying eight sessions, each session taking about two hours each
  • Reading, writing, journal work and goal-setting.

The Course comes with a single A4loose leaf, 4-ring, white, plastic binder.

The course notes, extra resources and assignments are integrated into each of the eight sessions.

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