Metaphysical Bible

The Metaphysical Bible
Our soul journey in sacred writing
A spiritual handbook for the questing soul

Discover, explore and bring to life your personal story
through the Bible

When Bible stories are interpreted as internal processes, the spiritual principles take on a relevance that moves beyond platitudes or homilies. They become very personal andhelpful. This course teaches you how to unlock the Bible’s hidden wisdom through the use of universal symbols and metaphysical laws and principles,and leads you to a deeper knowledge of the journey of your real self.

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The Metaphysical Bible explores:

  • Beyond the literal to inner meaning
  • Sacred landscapes of body, soul and spirit
  • Biblical symbolism and interpreting characters
  • The meaning and power of names
  • Transition from old to new consciousness
  • Spiritual meaning and guidance for contemporary living
  • The revelation of the real self
  • Stories of the journey and individual transformation

The Metaphysical Bible gives tools to:

  • Enable a relationship with the questing self
  • Make a soul journey through life events that are universally applicable across the ages
  • Take responsibility for your own experience of life
  • Be the guide in the telling of your own life story
  • Live your soul purpose in greater truth and peace
  • Increase abilities to abide and work with the challenges of your journey
  • Reveal the hidden treasure of a life lived with deep meaning
  • Enable the unfolding creation of our own real self

The Metaphysical Bible involves:

  • Studying eight sessions, each session taking about two hours each
  • Reading and writing

The Course comes with a large A4 4-ring white plastic covered book incorporating the Course Notes on the eight sessions, extensive resources and an Assignments to use at the end of each session.

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