Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again
The Last Discourses of Reverend Mario Schoenmaker
Rev Mario Schoenmaker

In this collection of writings we glimpse the soul-consciousness of one who is preparing to leave this earth. We feel the strength of his life’s mission and we sense his urgency. We sense the closeness and strength of presence of the divine worlds. We receive the final instructions of a teacher to his pupils.

White-Filler-400x20White-Filler-400x20This second edition, has been expanded to also include extracts from the last Priest Meeting and the last meeting of the Order of the Mystic Christ.

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This collection embraces the last services conducted by the Reverend Mario … a last Soul Mass for a dear friend, his reflections on his last birthday, the last Healing Service, the last Cosmic Mass, the last Full Moon Festival, the last Holy Communion with his staff, the last Agape Ecclesia, the last New Year’s Eve meditation and the last benediction.

Each address gives us an insight into the values and ideals that motivated Rev Mario throughout his ministry and his hopes and aspirations for the future.

This second edition, available in print or as e-book, has been expanded to also include extracts from the last Priest Meeting and the last meeting of the Order of the Mystic Christ.

The Prayer of the Righteous – in the last Spiritual Healing Service Rev Mario focuses on prayer, confession, trust and forgiveness as elements of healing. Rev Mario differentiates between those who are physically sick and those who are mentally suffering. Those who are physically sick need others to pray for them. For confession to lead to spiritual insight and forgiveness of karmic consequences, trust and love, true community, are needed.

Spiritual Speech – in the last Cosmic Mass Rev Mario speaks of the gifts of the Gods to us and the divine power and creative nature of words, speech, and our voice. This is what differentiates the human being from the animal kingdom, even though we share many qualities with the animal kingdom. This gives us a choice, to follow the human or animal way, and this has resulted in two different kinds of human beings. Rev Mario gives us two pictures of the human being in the future and they are frightening and awe-inspiring. He says, the future is in your hands.

In The Seed of the Future, an address given on his birthday, Rev Mario reflects on his life and his calling and in particular his great love for the human soul. He gives advice to those who will follow him. He expresses what he wants for them: to be free in spirit in order to set others free.

Where to Find Christ? In this last Full Moon Festival Rev Mario speaks of our innate homesickness and longing for the spiritual worlds and how that engenders hope within us. He also speaks about the second coming of Christ and how much the world hopes for a physical/material manifestation of Christ, but this is not how Christ will be manifested. We have to develop “eyes beyond our eyes” to see him.

Come into His Presence. In this address to his staff, Rev Mario reminds them of the first principle for those who have turned to Christ. The first, the fundamental, the constant principle is that thanksgiving is the power by which we change our animalistic astrals and lift our hearts and minds to the heavens. Click here to see the CD of this last service.

Stay True to the Vision. In this last address to the agape ecclesia, Rev Mario reflects on The Centre and advises his members to persevere. Nothing is given to those who don’t. Keep trusting in your calling and the promises of God and you will be sustained. He reflects on the year and expresses his dissatisfaction with the state of The Centre. It has become too cosy, too organised, too perfect. It needs to be broken up and he reminds people that his other name is Sledgehammer. He intends to make changes that will re-orient The Centre to its purpose, which is to see the etheric Christ. The spirit must be regained and used for this purpose alone.

The Guarantee of our Inheritance is the title of the address Rev Mario gave at this Soul Mass for a beloved friend. He admonishes us to live for the freemaking of our spirits. He describes a vision in which the world, the earth, has become grey and shadow-like. He says that is what it is like from spirit’s point of view. Take seriously the spiritual inheritance waiting for you. Then death, for you, will be a unity with God and Christ.

Ego has No Place in the Kingdom of God is the title of the last discourse Rev Mario gave to the members of the Order of the Mystic Christ. There is no such thing as greatness in the kingdom of God. There is no division or repression of each other through status. Self-improvement is about the earth, not the spirit. Comprehension is a result of our connection with spirit.

Sealed by the Spirit for the Spirit is Rev Mario’s last discourse to his priests and he prophesies great changes so we can get back to the purpose for which The Centre was raised up. He advises the priests that The Centre will become smaller. The teachings are not for those who come and go. There are many who do not belong. Focus on the able.

The Year of Renewal was the last new year’s eve dedication led by Rev Mario. He calls his people to behold the vision of The Centre and commit to it totally so that it can be renewed and be the beacon of light it should be. He intimates that many changes will be coming.

KeywordsThe teacher, Healing,Speech, Freedom, Thanksgiving, Vision, Steadfastness, Purpose, Ego, The able, Renewal.

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Author: Rev Mario Schoenmaker
Published by ICA Press, 2000, second edition 2012

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